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Interface EAP is a behavioral health care firm, specializing in the well being of employees and their families.  Founded in 1989, Interface EAP is a national company, focused on improving quality of care while managing costs.  By creating innovative and unique products, such as our patented Pharmacy Intervention Protocol (PIP), and integrating with health plans, Interface goes beyond the traditional EAP.

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Breaking News

Interface EAP has been awarded a US patent for our Pharmacy Intervention Protocol (PIP). For details please visit the webpage by clicking on the link in this paragraph, or by using the "Products and Services" button at the left of this page.

Summary outcome data for the patented Pharmacy Intervention Protocol (PIP)

  • A measured reduction in symptoms (as scored by standardized screenings) for over 60 percent of patients participating in PIP (global analysis)
  • A 77 percent improvement in medication compliance for PIP participants verses non-PIP participants who filled covered scripts (3,642 members and 22,785 prescriptions in sample data)
  • An average 29.4 percent reduction in overall medical claims for PIP participants the year after enrolling in the program verses their medical claims in the prior year (hospital system study)
  • Within 15 months, a 30 percent overall reduction in the cost of the targeted drugs verses a cost baseline calculated just prior to PIP (hospital system data)
  • An average increase in annual  EAP utilization of more than 200 percent over 4 years verses annual EAP utilization prior to PIP (hospital system data)

PIP – improved outcomes and documented cost savings if there is high utilization of the covered drugs within the health plan.  The need for PIP is based on an analysis of summary drug data for each employer group.  No PHI is required to complete this free analysis.

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